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About Us

Since it was founded in 1984, EBRU GmbH has been primarily engaged in developing and producing electronic instrumentation, systems and process technology for industrial application, providing customers with a full range of industrial electronics services.

Starting with consultation, to development of hardware and software, PCB design service, materials procurement and management, PCB assembly, test engineering, cable assembly and apparatus engineering with assembly service, we cover the entire value chain for electronic components, devices and systems, if so required. We also produce everything from unique pieces to large-scale production of any batch size.

Given our broad spectrum, we also serve as system supplier and can accompany our customers through all stages from the idea for the product, to development and realisation, commissioning, production, maintenance and optimisation - our customers can expect EVERYTHING from us, or just take advantage of a part of what we offer.

Our customers represent everything from general industrial technology, automobile supply industry, rail vehicle technology, medical technology, chemicals and mechanical engineering to aircraft business.

In the PC measurement technology sector, we develop, produce and market add-on cards and modules for automation technology, electronic instrumentation and general measurement.


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