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Electronic Manufacturing Services
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Electronics Production Services

As complete service provider for industrial electronics, EBRU Elektronik GmbH, upon request, covers all services in the value chain of electronic production services. We produce in small, medium and large series and also make prototypes, samples and pilot series.

Having rational, innovative production solutions, highly motivated and keen employees, a materials purchasing department that knows the market and a quality assurance system that places error prevention before fault finding strategies, our customers have come to know us for our quality and reliability, proudly "Made in Germany". We give excellent advice and service before, during and after production of your products, and under very generous terms. We are most proud when we can regard our customers as partners, not just as contracting bodies, i.e. when we are not just a provider to a customer, but moreover a reliable partner, ready to prove our worth.

  Materials Purchasing

  PCB Component Placement

  Test Equipment

  Protective Coating

  Cable Assembly

  Fabrication of electronic appliances


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